Thursday, July 09, 2020

How Low Can It Go?

The previous record was one year.

We're down to seven months now:
  • A 7-month-old boy was shot Wednesday in Lawndale on the West Side.

    He was riding in a vehicle with two family members about 10 p.m. in the 1100 block of South Albany Avenue when a black SUV pulled up alongside and someone inside opened fire at a group standing on the corner, Chicago police said.

    A stray bullet grazed the baby on the ankle, and he was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was listed in fair condition, police said. No other injuries were reported.
No doubt Groot will be tweeting today, blaming another gun.


Know Your History

You know how you can tell the Department is gearing up to screw everyone who volunteers (or is volunteered) for the "New and Improved" Mobile Strike Force?
  • Not even a month ago, they were advertising for resumes and letters of recommendation for assorted Area Gang Teams.
And now they're rolling them into a Unit that hasn't existed in nearly a decade.


Crimesha Plays More Games

The media isn't looking at this. Only the alternative news sources:
  • It is no secret Kim Foxx has never done the job she was elected to do. Since being sworn in as Cook County State’s Attorney in 2016, Foxx has faced a barrage of criticism directed at virtually every reform measure she has imposed from her vacated convictions, favoring lower bonds for the accused, and the prosecution of firearm offenses. Policies which are viewed by many Cook County residents as both unduly lenient and reckless, it should not be too startling to learn Ms. Foxx has directed prosecutors in her office to dismiss charges against demonstrators arrested for minor crimes committed during protests in Chicago over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    [...] Under new guidelines unfurled by Foxx, Marny Zimmer, and Joseph Magats on June 30, 13 crimes would be separated into two categories. One category, which includes Disorderly Conduct, Public Demonstration, Unlawful Gathering, Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land, and Violation of Curfew, are charges under which Foxx’s office as a matter of course will presume dismissal. A second category, which includes more serious offenses such as Resisting or Obstructing Arrest, Assault, Misdemeanor Aggravated Assault, Battery, Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer, Reckless Conduct, Mob Action, Obstructing Identification, are infringements to law among which Foxx’s office will not proceed with prosecution without evidence furnished from body-worn camera.

    [...] ....for Chicago Police officers the implications of Foxx’s guidelines could be severe. For Foxx to decline charges against arrestees, officers are now vulnerable to the charge of committing a false arrest. A gesture which exposes officers to the possibility of legal action, Foxx’s decision allowing demonstrators to evade prosecution provides an impetuous [sic] for criminals to resist arrest and assault peace officers with impunity. Similarly, Ms. Foxx’s decision not to pursue criminal charges is unconstitutional: No legal grounds exist for Foxx to contend body-worn camera is a condition to proceed with criminal prosecution. A devious tactic exploited by Cook County’s prosecutor to place officers at an extraordinary disadvantage, Ms. Foxx is acutely aware officers who mobilized at Guaranteed Rate Field to respond to the civil unrest in Chicago were not in possession of body cameras.
Go read it all at the Chicago Contrarian website.

Where is O'Brien? He should be making commercials about this crap from here until Election Day.

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You Want to Rest Easy?

Rush Hospital is conducting a study of First Responders exposed to COVID:
  • SCC,

    Just wanted to put this out there if you are interested. I'm CFD and don't know a lot of CPD to blast this to but figured that you have quite a bit of reach on your platform.

    Dr. Moy at Rush University is doing a free Covid antibody test for CPD and CPD to sample how many first responders have had asymptomatic covid. The sign up and appointment setting is about 10 minutes. The test is a simple blood draw at Rush and takes about 10 minutes. They have arranged free parking with the Valet out front and the testing is right off the lobby. The contact number is 312-942-6554.

    This will tell if you already had Covid and give you some piece of mind when you are out on the streets. The Dr. is looking to sample a few hundred more people and specifically asked me to tell CPD because of high CFD participation.
Who knows? If you test positive without symptoms, you might still get fourteen days off.


Another Bad Idea

You want to see every Officer in the nation go fetal? This is how you do it:
  • (New York) State lawmakers are churning out more proposed laws to hold cops accountable for misconduct.

    A bill introduced by state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) would require police officers to obtain personal liability insurance to cover civil lawsuits filed against them for excessive force and other abuses as a way to deter misconduct.

    Under current law, cops who are sued are represented by the city law department and taxpayers foot the bill for any verdict or settlement. Biaggi’s proposal would require each officer to obtain individual liability insurance. The city or other local governments would still be required to cover the basic insurance policy to cover tort litigation costs.

    But Biaggi said her bill would better hold officers accountable by requiring them to pay any increase in premiums related to payouts for wrongdoing.
The funny thing about insurance - it doesn't cover illegal acts. You can't buy insurance coverage for a illegal business. Insurance won't pay out if you deliberately set your property on fire. You cannot profit by killing someone you have an insurance policy on.

Insurance companies do their very best to NOT pay out. It affects their bottom line. Guess who isn't going to pay out in the event you are determined to have committed an unlawful act? In fact, it is (perversely) in their financial interests to unilaterally decide you have acted (A) outside the scope of your authority or (B) against the definitions of the policy they sold you due to some sort of "wrongdoing."

You know you avoid wrongdoing?
  • You don't do anything 
We can't wait to see what aldercreatures' nephews suddenly start getting licenses to peddle fly-by-night "insurance."

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Unconstitutional Finding

Kentucky's governor tried the same bullshit that Putzker and Groot are trying, except he lost in court:
  • Just days after a federal judge ruled Gov. Andy Beshear’s restrictions on travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic unconstitutional, the governor announced Wednesday that he has a new order in place.

    The old executive order required anyone traveling outside Kentucky, except for work, and anyone coming into the state to self-quarantine for 14 days. That ruling, however, was deemed illegal.

    Beshear said the new executive order tweaks some of his previous restrictions and is similar to travel restrictions issued by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

    "It does make it less explicit that, if you are just traveling through and for less than 24 hours, it doesn't apply to you," Beshear said during his Wednesday briefing on the pandemic."It basically puts everything that that judge said he thought we needed in there. I'm OK with taking a little bit of guidance if it helps us get to where we need to go."
  • A southern Illinois circuit judge on Thursday voided every emergency executive order issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker since April 8, finding the governor lacked authority under the Illinois Constitution and state law to issue them.

    The sweeping ruling by 4th Judicial Circuit Judge Michael D. McHaney applies to all Illinois residents.

    His two-page order came after a two-plus-hour hearing at the Clay County Courthouse over a lawsuit brought by Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, challenging Executive Order 2020-32, which Pritzker issued on April 30.

    McHaney granted summary judgment on two of three counts, commenting from the bench that the order is “absolute power” and “unconstitutional.”
It seems as if the Courts are finally throwing the brakes on runaway executive branches acting like dictators.


Wednesday, July 08, 2020

More Units Gone?

And the Return of Mobile Strike Force?

No idea how they take Summer Mobile and turn it into a stand-alone unit. Aren't there Detectives there for the summer or has that gone by the wayside? This was a detail - there are contractual considerations here, right?

And don't forget, last time they had a Mobile Strike Force, they disbanded it and sent everyone to south side Districts that were down manpower. Is this happening again?

UPDATE: Must be true - the media stole it from here again:
  • Chicago police announced Tuesday that they would be forming a citywide violent crime unit midway through a bloody summer that has already seen three consecutive weekends with at least 65 people shot, and multiple children killed in each of them.

    The specialized new unit is meant “to tackle violent crime and create community partnerships in some of our most challenging areas,” the department said in a statement.

    “The ultimate goal of the Chicago Police Department’s organizational restructuring that began earlier this year has always been to bolster police resources under the authority of district commanders, while also being able to address spikes in violent crime citywide,” the department said.

    Once implemented, the new unit will “impact” gun, saturation and gang enforcement teams in each of the city’s five police Areas, the department said. In the meantime, police are bolstering the Summer Mobile Patrol Unit, a task force of 100 officers focusing on high-crime areas.
So do they exist yet? Any bets on the first neighborhood video being shown that alleges improper procedure, brutality or popcorn munching?

We give it seven days, tops, before the first "media" story. Thirty days before Groot strips a member of the Unit.


Next Up for the Blame.....(UPDATE)

Groot is blaming gun barrels via her tweets Sunday night. Any idea how she spins this one?
  • A man beat a 2-year-old boy who later died after he was brought to a hospital from the Bronzeville neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

    The beating, which police characterized as a domestic attack, occurred in the 4200 block of South Calumet Avenue about 12:10 p.m. The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to a police media notification.
  • A man is in custody after a 96-year-old woman was stabbed to death with a pitchfork Tuesday during a domestic incident in Gresham on the South Side.

    Another woman, 57, was seriously injured, according to Chicago police.
Unconfirmed reports have the injured woman as his mother and the deceased woman as his grandmother. With a fucking pitchfork.

Was it an assault pitchfork? Three tines or maybe four? Did it come over the border from Indiana?

So many more questions than answers.

UPDATE: Commentator claims someone got beaten to death with a baseball bat in 017.

That's impossible, because Groot and Crimesha and assorted "revrunds" have told us that bats aren't dangerous weapons. Ever.

Stop with the lies.


Nice Monday Groot

  • At least four people were shot to death across Chicago from Monday night into Tuesday morning, part of a series of attacks that also left 13 people injured, including six wounded in a single attack, according to police.

    Three of the overnight shootings left three or more people wounded.

    The shootings come after a string of violent weekends in the city that have left younger children killed and injured. Gun violence in Chicago spiked Memorial Day weekend and has remained high, including a violent Fourth of July weekend during which at least 90 people were shot, 18 of them fatally.

    As of the end of the holiday weekend Monday morning, more than 1,800 people had been shot in Chicago, about 500 more than by the same time last year, according to data compiled by the Tribune.
According to, Chicago is AVERAGING over four dead a day so far this month. Seven days in, twenty-nine dead.

Time to defund the police we guess?

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Fred Said What?

  • The Chicago Police Department has confirmed that the son of a CPD sergeant was among those killed over a violent 4th of July weekend in the city. Empty boxes of fireworks and sparklers litter the corner of 62nd and Carpenter streets in the Englewood neighborhood.

    Just days ago, terror unfolded here as people and children ducked a hail of bullets when four people walked up and started shooting into a crowd gathered for the holiday. Eight people were struck and four were killed, including a 14-year-old boy.

    Tuesday morning, Chicago police revealed that the son of a police sergeant was among the dead.
Condolences to the family of the Sergeant.

And then Fred Waller did something completely out of character - he made sense:
  • CPD shining a light on electronic monitoring program which they say isn't working as they see offenders released with little to no consequences.

    "We have a system in which the judges and the public defenders," Waller said. "They haven't thought this through that the sheriff. Can't monitor all the people that they put on a monitor, and that's a problem."
This appears to be some sort of concerted effort by Groot and Groot's people to say what we have been saying since before Prickwrinkle lost the election - not keeping the shooters in jail and under high bond will only lead to massive numbers of people shot and/or killed.


We'll Just Leave This Here

Groot had a press conference Tuesday where someone asked her about why she wouldn't accept help from the President. Her answer was something along the lines of:
  • Leadership is not a tweet
Also Groot after another weekend of children being killed:

We can't say she's completely wrong, but the willful blindness is astonishing.


Hey Putzker

  • Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency Monday following an uptick in shootings over the July Fourth weekend that injured 31 people and killed five after weeks of violent crime and property destruction in Atlanta.

    The move authorizes the activation of 1,000 National Guard troops to “protect state property and patrol our streets”.

    "Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda. Now, innocent Georgians are being targeted, shot, and left for dead," Kemp, a Republican, said in a statement. "This lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city. I have declared a State of Emergency and called up the Georgia Guard because the safety of our citizens comes first.
Chicago has had how many weekends in a row of double-digit homicides? Six?

And at least one of them with a triple-digit casualty count.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Downtown Reporting

  • Chicago police on Monday refused to say how many people were arrested during an unauthorized Fourth of July celebration in the Loop this weekend. Instead, CPD told our team to submit a Freedom of Information Act request if we wanted to report those statistics for you. It’s a typical maneuver for any public entity that doesn’t want bad news to get out.


    There were no official Fourth of July firework displays to draw people downtown this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But that didn’t stop people from coming. Police arrested at least nine people — and likely many more — as partiers celebrated in the Loop on Saturday evening and early Sunday.

    Police supervisors reported “very dense” and “dangerous” crowds throwing large fireworks near Millennium Park around 8:15 Saturday. The 1st District police commander even told officers to put on any type of eyeglasses or sunglasses to minimize the chance of being blinded by flying pyrotechnics.

    The situation continued to escalate, and people in the crowd began throwing fireworks and bottles directly at police officers, prompting at least two arrests.

    By 9:15 p.m., a police supervisor estimated that 1,000 people were running into traffic around Millennium Park. The police department redeployed its saturation teams and many detectives to back-up officers as the situation escalated, according to a CPD source.

    The Walgreens store at State and Randolph was overrun by a large group of partiers who fought in the aisles and stole merchandise, according to an employee. Another person reportedly used a shovel to break out one of the display windows at Macy’s State Street.
Notice how News Affairs told them to FOIA any info they requested. That takes time, and the news cycle is something like forty-eight hours tops. You're better off buying a scanner, transcribing whatever happens on Zone 4 or Citywide 6, and buying a cop a beer in a tavern to get the real story.

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Academy Reopens?

We guess the number of people putting in to retire rose unexpectedly as the Department reopened the Academy to classes. Guess who's telling war stories on Day One?
  • When Chicago Police Supt. David Brown began his career in 1983, police officers hurriedly thumbed through map books to find unfamiliar streets.

    A few years later, when they got computers, they were so big, there was barely enough room left in the patrol car for the cops.
Does Brown know we still have paper maps? Many FTO's that still hand them out to recruits on their first day and expect them to know it front and back by the end of the week.

We did some digging and located this picture of the first Dallas PD computer being loaded into a squad car for a day on the street:

It took four or five guys to load it up. The keyboard had to ride in a sidecar. And can you imagine what it must have been like for Brownie to have to take that into his first Domestic Battery call to do a report?

On a serious note, anyone have the stats on how many recruits are in the Academy, and how many didn't show up for the reopening? We heard it was more than a few, and retirement numbers are climbing. The Department is heading into a crisis - more leaving and hiring not keeping up with attrition.


Multiple Shootings

Via the site, this past weekend included:
  • 11 double shootings
  • 6 triples
  • 1 shooting with four victims
  • 1 with six
  • and Englewood's eight hitter (four dead)
Anyone know if this is because social distancing norms aren't being followed?

Asking for a mayor.



  • Chicago police recovered a stolen car Sunday morning on the city’s Northwest Side — only to have the vehicle stolen again from the local police station.

    Officers who responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle near the Sauganash Trail around 8:30 a.m. found a 2015 Chevy Suburban that had been reported stolen earlier in the day, according to a CPD spokesperson. Police towed the stolen SUV for further investigation at the 17th (Albany Park) Police District station, 4650 North Pulaski.

    But it wasn’t long before Chicago’s criminal element sprung back into action. Shortly after 11 a.m., police realized the Suburban, which had been parked in the station’s sally port, was gone. Cops reviewed station surveillance video and discovered that someone stole the SUV from under their noses around 10:23 a.m.

    Investigators aren’t sure how the thief managed to steal the car because police still have the vehicle’s keys, a CPD spokesperson said.
It happens. Short of flattening the tires or removing the battery, until it's in the fenced in lot, it can be re-stolen.

And sometimes, it isn't even safe in the tow yard. Learn for next time.


Blame an Inanimate Object

Via Groot:

This is always the lib-tarded narrative. When you can't defend the behavior of your voting base, blame the inanimate object and not the morally-bereft person wielding it.


Monday, July 06, 2020

Final Numbers

We had predicted the weekend totals:
  • 20 dead, 81 wounded, 101 total casualties has the weekend totals as follows:
  • 20 dead, 72 wounded, 92 total casualties
Not bad, right? Over a century of combined police experience gives us some insight. Except for wagering purposes, we had defined the weekend as "03 July thru 05 July inclusive." That drops the totals down a bit:
  • 15 deceased and 65 maimed, 80 total casualties
So we overshot the numbers by a sizable margin.

Settle up in the alley behind the bar.

Maintain social distancing.


"Homicide Free" Weekend

So this was the headline from 02 July in the Slum Times:
And part of the article:
  • Anti-violence groups, security firms, business owners, faith leaders and elected officials gathered in Englewood Thursday, announcing plans to deploy hundreds of people to keep an eye on the neighborhood in an effort to tamp down shootings over the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

    “We are tired of losing our kids, we are tired of losing our babies to gun violence,” said Early Walker of the anti-violence group I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot.

    Walker estimated that between 800 and 1,000 people, affiliated with various security companies and community groups, will be keeping watchful eyes on Englewood over the holiday weekend.
  • Fourteen people have been killed and 61 others wounded in shootings across Chicago so far over the Fourth of July weekend.

    Ten of the weekend’s victims were minors, and two of the children died from their injuries.
These are preliminary numbers and will undoubtedly change, but it's looking like 007 racked up at least a dozen shot, seven of those being fatal.

On the bright side, with the "...plans to deploy hundreds of people to keep an eye on the neighborhood..." there should be hundreds of witnesses to help detectives solve each and every one of these shootings.

We look forward to reports of numerous arrests and the Clearance Rate climbing significantly.

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Nice Company

From the wild west side:
  • In 015 last night a gentleman named Kejuan Scott was caught with a gun and 14 hits of X. The day before he was at a peace march with lightfoot.

    You can’t make this up.
Check the arrest queues. It's true.

Anyone Hear This?

Hey FOP guys?
  • SCC, Off topic, Strong rumor is the Mayors office has been calling around to various third party law firms asking, if they can fire Officers, going around [our] contract, and due process systems. They want to know what the repercussions would be if they did.
Hopefully, the penalties would be expensive. Contracts are supposed to be binding legal agreements and it should be painful to break them. We'd hate to see the FOP working on the Contract while Groot's minions were working a completely different angle behind the scenes.

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Exporting Mayhem

  • Multiple people were shot and one was killed in a shooting in west suburban Roselle early Saturday morning, police said.

    Roselle police responded about 1:30 a.m. to a report of multiple shots fired in the area of Picton and Roselle roads.

    When officers arrived, they found multiple people had been shot and one was killed. Police did not immediately provide an exact number of shooting victims.
One dead and six wounded it turns out. Kind of an odd occurrence for suburban Roselle (87% white, median income $82,000). But then an e-mailer told us that it is home to a couple of those AirBnb's and this shooting happened at one that rents for a few thousand dollars per weekend. It's seems 200 guests showed up for a birthday party, all from the 011 District, and the usual 011 mayhem followed them to the leafy streets of Roselle.

We guess that's one way to keep the shootings down in the city - rent suburban party houses. Maybe Groot can start a GoFundMe page?

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Old Friend, New Look

Have you visited the site lately?  We were just looking at the latest stats and we noticed some features that we hadn't sen before. Maybe we're behind the times, but there is:
  • corona-meter;
  • corona demographics;
  • age of victim meter;
  • corona comorbidity
It's like a one-stop statistical fountain for all your casualty counting needs! Which come to think of it, is exactly what we use it for.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

Englewood Four Bagger

After the extended tour last night, we don't have energy enough to go looking for it, but someone predicted at least one mass shooting over the weekend:
  • Three children were among eight people shot Saturday, four of them fatally, in Englewood on the South Side. They were at a large gathering in the street about 11:35 p.m. in the 6100 block of South Carpenter Street when four males walked up and started shooting, according to Chicago police.

    A 14-year-old boy was hit in the back and pronounced dead at Comer Children’s Hospital, police said. Three other male victims were pronounced dead, two at the scene and one at the University of Chicago Medical Center, police said. Their ages were not immediately known. The Cook County medical examiner’s office has not released details about the fatalities.

    An 11-year-old boy with a graze wound to the ankle and a 15-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the abdomen were both taken to Comer in fair condition, police said.
Brownie isn't making it to Christmas at this rate.

Groot's political future is crumbling with every single dead child.


Another Child Killed in Groot's Chicago

  • A 7-year-old girl died Saturday after being shot while attending a family Fourth of July party in the Austin neighborhood — the third weekend in a row in which a child under 10 has been a victim of gun violence.

    The girl was playing on a sidewalk about 7 p.m. in the 100 block of North Latrobe when three men got out of a white car and shot more than 20 rounds in the direction of the people holding the party, a group which included many children, police said.
And still all of today to go.


Cops Injured

Crash in 011:
  • Two Chicago police officers were injured in a crash early Saturday morning in Humboldt Park on the West Side, Chicago police said.

    The officers were driving west through an intersection at the 4000 block of W. Chicago Ave. at around 2:45 a.m. when they swerved to avoid another vehicle, according to police.

    The officers lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole, police said.
The car they swerved to avoid was another squad. Intersection accidents kill almost as many cops as gunfire.

Be careful and a speedy recovery wished to both officers.


Private Security?

  • A Chicago alderman and a coalition of community leaders announced Thursday that a private security firm had been hired as additional "eyes and ears" to assist police in curbing violence over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

    Ald. Stephanie Coleman, of the 16th Ward, said at a news conference that Kates Security had been hired to help monitor the Englewood area, with 50 armed and unarmed officers scheduled to be on the streets of the South Side neighborhood beginning Friday at 9 a.m.
Anyone know their Use of Force Rules? Do they carry liability insurance? What about if they lump on a citizen?

Our comment section lit up with reports of these "security guards" doing foot chases all over the 007 District Friday night.


Saturday Night Wilding (UPDATE)

The already reeling Mag Mile was subjected to further indignities last night.

In the absence of fireworks, the community decided to take the Red Line downtown and provide their own entertainment, beating anyone they could find and breaking any newly installed glass they happened upon.

Pretty soon, the businesses are going to stop repairing the glass and leave completely.

UPDATE: And nary a peep out of the mainstream media types.

If you want to locate anything, you have to troll the pages and perhaps buy a scanner. There were literally thousands of "yutes" breaking windown and destroying parked cars, scaring yuppies all over downtown.


Saturday, July 04, 2020

Happy Independence Day

Hopefully, this picture from years ago doesn't offend any snowflakes.

Posting will be delayed and/or sporadic.

Stay safe.


Lemon the Pervert

  • Lamon Reccord, a community activist who became the face of police reform activists when he stared down Chicago cops during demonstrations in 2015, is now accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl, according to a CPD spokesperson.

    Prosecutors charged Reccord, age 21, with misdemeanor battery following the alleged incident outside a court and police complex at 727 East 111st Street on Monday evening.

    A CPD spokesperson said Reccord “spun the victim around and inappropriately touched” her after the girl jumped on his back around 6:30 p.m. Reccord then “grabbed the victim by the neck and pulled the victim towards him and [rubbed] the victim with his genital area,” the spokesperson said. The girl did not require medical treatment, according to police.
And you know Crimesha can't put one of her most ardent supporters behind bars for a night:
  • Police records show he was released on a recognizance bond.
Some inmate charged with an actual Class X for being a scary bad-ass (and not a simpering pussy) might take some cues from the movie Deliverance and squeeze some Lemon-juice out of the would-be child molester.

Here's a recent photo of Lemon:

Are any media outlets covering this besides the CWB blog and ourselves? Isn't this a noteworthy person in the anti-police movement begin persecuted by the police newsworthy?

Or is there too much truth in the arrest that it might damage the anti-police narrative? It wouldn't be the first time the media protected a probable child molester, right?


Worst June in History?

From the author of the website:
  • Hey SCC,

    One thing to note that we neglected to do so in our list is that this June tallied the most homicides (at least going back to the 50s and likely ever). The Junes of 1990 and 1996 were the previous winners with 90 each.
Groot is truly leading Chicago into historic times.

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Groot Two Faced-ness

When we watched Groot's press conference the other day, we were struck by how much of her speech parroted the liberal trope of "It takes a village..." bullshit.

A commentator empties both barrels at Groot:
  • “We’ve got criminal enterprises that are using vulnerable young people. We all should be appalled by that. And I think they are. But we all ought to be because that’s wrong. No child should be manipulated in that way. And that’s about us building up this ecosystem of support around our young people so they actually have hope and healthy choices and alternatives so they don’t feel like the only life they can lead is being on the corner supporting somebody else’s criminal enterprise.”

    Starts at home Lori!!! Where is respect being taught? Who are the examples? You? You tell the President of the United States FU? You constantly spew hatred toward the police. You have never confronted the issues of home lives. What are they learning from the parents, or parent? Has any of the so called advocates tried teaching job skills, how to get along in life, how to get a job and keep a job? How to respect authorities such as teachers, bosses, police?

    You have shown no respect for police yet you expect the youth in the city to simply obey a police order to go home and clear the corners? The police have been abused by your public by having things thrown at them, destroying police cars, yelling hateful things, calling to abolishing the police all together?

    Sorry Lori, you are reaping what you have sown. Stay safe you guys in blue!!!
Groot's entire tenure has been notable for its disrespect toward others. Her blatant incompetence at the federal level, office sniping, the election, the open mic comments about the FOP, the FU to a sitting president, snide comments everywhere about any critic - especially any male critic. And let's not forget the manufactured scandals of flipping protestors the bird or Popcorn-gate.

Now we're supposed to go "clear the corners" when she's threatened to fire cops for being human and losing their cool or relaxing at a fixed post they were ordered to be at?

FU Groot.


Shut it All Down

Evidently, the powers-that-be think that black people can't be trusted to behave in 011:
  • The Brains over in 011 decided to close the parks at 8pm every night  during the holiday weekend. They had officers clearing out families and  other park goers a little bit before 8pm. There were even signs posted  about a NO PARKING ban too. The only kicker..... the signs said that the  ban went into affect starting 03jul. The bosses realizing this (after  they were told) still forced park goers out of Garfield Park anyways.
We're told that the parks have remained closed all day - gates locked, cars assigned to make sure no one gets in - so the citizens can't set up a party outpost and fortify themselves for the night where it might take an armored division to dislodge them. We really can't fault the idea. The large parks across the city have been problems in early July for decades now.

However, we are also told that 011 has put their own spin on these things by shutting down two major thoroughfares around the neighborhood.
  • 011 is running something called a Summer Operations Closure mission where Independence Boulevard at Congress is shut down with construction barricades and TMA people are directing traffic off the surface streets and either onto the 290 or into the hood. The jams around the neighborhood are immense, running down the exit ramps onto the 290, and cuts the District in half with backups.
We're sure that this has nothing to do with the boss in 011 owning numerous properties around the area, all of which seem to be "hot spots" and all of which have fixed posts just around the corners.


Friday, July 03, 2020

Kass Recommends Who?

  • [...] It’s time to stop the bleeding, Mayor Lightfoot. That’s the first priority. Stop the bleeding. And lead your city.

    She’s thrown her police under the bus, but on Wednesday she announced a 180-degree change in course. She needs them. Now she wants her exhausted cops to sweep problem areas and make arrests, even if social justice warriors complain.

    [...] Notice that Black Lives Matter and their allies aren’t leading any angry demonstrations about Black and brown children being cut down in Chicago. Those dead babies have no political utility. Their lives don’t help the activists leverage the November elections. So those lives are ignored.

    But Lightfoot can’t ignore them. She’s the mayor.
And then Kass shits the bed:
  • Lightfoot threw Brown under the bus just two weeks on the job. Undercutting her new police superintendent in front of his troops was a bad move. I hear he’s disgusted. A few days ago, she also threw former police Superintendent Eddie Johnson under the bus, releasing that old video of Eddie sleeping in his car. It changed the subject for a news cycle. But Black cops liked Eddie. He was one of them. She did herself no favors.

    Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas had a good idea to hire retired city detectives to go over old cases and help clear them. He also thought crime witnesses should be moved into other neighborhoods, to protect them. Lightfoot mocked him.

    And what about former Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo? He’s a thoughtful man with decades on the job. He knows how the department works. He wouldn’t undercut commanders the way that suit of hers at City Hall does now. Having a guy like Angelo whom she could talk to would help her.
Should have asked some real coppers about Deano there Johnny. Deano fucked cops over and walked away with a free car. You did yourself no favors bringing up that failed regime.


June Final Numbers

We all knew June was going to be bad, but not this bad:
  • June 2020: 92 killed, 469 wounded
    June 2019: 50 killed, 274 wounded
    June 2018: 60 killed, 289 wounded
    June 2017: 86 killed, 322 wounded
    June 2016: 78 killed, 373 wounded
    June 2015: 51 killed, 244 wounded
    June 2014: 39 killed, 248 wounded helpfully breaks down some of these stats:
  • 87 shot and killed
    2 shot by CPD, 0 fatally
    2 shot by CCW, 0 fatally
    10 homicide-linked arrests
    Averaged over 18 people shot per day
    2 days were homicide-free
    77 in serious or critical condition
    84 males killed vs 8 females
    3 children fatally shot, 1, 3 & 10
    69 teenagers shot, 14 fatally
    Youngest victim, 1, oldest, 61
    32 grazed
    6 selfies
    34 #ShotInTheAss
But hey, Defund the Police, right?

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It's a Trap!

Don't believe her. Ever:
  • Despite warnings that preemptive sweeps will “drive a wedge between police and communities of color,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday stood firmly behind Chicago Police Supt. David Brown’s decision to sweep young people off drug corners over the July Fourth weekend to prevent another holiday bloodbath.


    “If any civil liberties group has a problem with people who are killing our people over drug spots, let’s have a conversation because you need to have your attitude readjusted,” the mayor said.

    “We’ve got criminal enterprises that are using vulnerable young people. We all should be appalled by that. And I think they are. But we all ought to be because that’s wrong. No child should be manipulated in that way. And that’s about us building up this ecosystem of support around our young people so they actually have hope and healthy choices and alternatives so they don’t feel like the only life they can lead is being on the corner supporting somebody else’s criminal enterprise.”
And as soon as the ACLU or some "activist lawyer" files the first lawsuit, Groot will be there with her pitchfork, tossing you into the meat grinder and under the bus.

It is not illegal to stand on a street corner. It might be dumb as fuck, but it isn't illegal in and of itself. Loitering has been recognized by the courts as protected activity. Crimesha's office has showed a decided reluctance (or inability) to properly prosecute everything from shoplifting to curfews to shootings and murders.

Do not trick-bag yourself for this toad. She wants a wedge between the police and the community. Her entire political well being relies upon it.

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Unenforceable Quarantine

  • People coming to Chicago from 15 states experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases must self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering the city beginning next week, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced late Thursday afternoon.

    The city ordered the quarantine for anyone who has spent more than 24 hours in the following states before arriving in Chicago: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

    The order, which will go into effect on Monday, does not apply to people who are at the airport for a connecting flight or driving through the city on their way elsewhere, city officials said.
And this works how again?
  • Is Groot setting up checkpoints? 
  • Is CPD expected to pull over cars with out of state plates? 
  • As a sanctuary state, is ICE going to allowed to stop illegal aliens?
She is so far over her head, it isn't even remotely amusing.


High Approval?

Evidently, pollsters are taking surveys in the bullpen at 26th and California right after the judge I-Bonds everyone:
  • It looks like Mayor Lori Lightfoot has the political wind at her back as she seeks to deliver a police contract that makes it easier to investigate and discipline wayward officers and convince the Illinois General Assembly to require police officers to be licensed.

    That’s the bottom line of a new survey by Lightfoot pollster Jason McGrath. It shows the first-year mayor with her highest job approval rating yet at 78%, with nearly two-thirds of those voters — 46% overall — saying they “strongly approve.”

    The poll of 500 people who said they likely will vote in November was conducted June 21-23, during what Lightfoot has called a “month of civic uprising” and an outbreak of violence not seen since 2016. It has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.4 percentage points.
But Groot isn't running in November and the poll was taken before the next round of massive tax increases and in the face of Groot keeping Chicago businesses shut down and not generating any sort of sales tax revenue.

This is a crap poll taken by a crap pollster who works for a crap mayor.


Welcome to the Party Pal

We've heard of FBI agents describe nailing Chicago pols on corruption charges is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. But somehow, they missed the biggest fish of all, year after corrupt year:
  • In April 2000, the Chicago Sun-Times published a blockbuster story that rattled then-Mayor Richard M. Daley: His pal Oscar D’Angelo had collected $480,000 or more “to broker a lucrative deal” allowing the W.H. Smith company to keep operating shops for travelers at city-run O’Hare Airport.

    The concession deal also stood to benefit two friends of Daley’s wife.

    Days earlier had come the news that D’Angelo had given personal loans to a high-ranking Daley aide and his brother.

    Daley quickly distanced himself from D’Angelo, who was known as the unofficial “mayor of Little Italy” until his death in 2016 at 84. And the mayor weathered the scandals — after landing in the hospital for what was believed to be a stress-induced visit.

    Now, newly obtained federal records show that the FBI began investigating the O’Hare dealings soon after the revelations, though the case ultimately fizzled out, and no one was ever charged.
It's pretty much a sure thing that Shortshanks will go to his grave unindicted and (as some other scumbag once said) "guilty as sin, free as a bird."

Famous But Incompetent, indeed.


Thursday, July 02, 2020

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

So a few weeks ago, we have the head of the Police Board injecting himself into a civil unrest situation, whereupon he makes completely unsupported allegations of being struck with batons.

Now we have Sydney Roberts, the head of COPA, making the following statement - helpfully retweeted by the head of the Public Defenders Office:

Forget policy. Forget Academy instruction. Forget the General Orders. Forget the Law itself.
  • "If the community believes something is unacceptable and an officer should be fired, then that should be the standard."
The community is welcome to have input via their elected representation. We encourage community input - an involved community is a good thing.

But the community is (supposed to be) bound by the Law, otherwise it's just a mob. And seeing as how recent events have shown everyone exactly how the mob operates, that isn't a good thing.

All of that being said, we now have the head of the Police Board and the head of COPA as pretty much de-legitimized as any sort of neutral investigative authority. Time for the FOP to step up and tag Groot for stacking the deck with partisan hacks. Again.

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Halfway Thru the Year

This is an interesting graphic:

Make of it what you will.


Advocates and Criminologists

We're guessing that with this story gaining some traction, the "corner sweeps" are about to be history:
  • Civil-rights advocates and some criminologists are panning a Chicago plan to arrest teenagers on “drug corners” this week to keep them from inflaming the city’s traditional July 4 gun-violence surge.


    But criminologists said there is no academic research indicating that jailing people is effective as a prophylactic for expected holiday-related violence. “This idea is potentially disastrous,” University of Chicago sociologist Robert Vargas said. “Arresting them is only going to make the violence problem worse because the legitimacy of the police in Black and brown communities is already so low.”

    “Let’s just assume that what the police are doing is lawful,” said Vargas, an expert on Chicago gangs. “Communities are tired of these interactions with the police. If you’re trying to arrest your way out of this problem, it’s not going to work.”

    Civil-rights advocates said Brown’s plan amounts to punishing pre-trial defendants who are supposed to be presumed innocent. “If criminalization and incarceration made communities safer, the United States would be the safest country in the world,” Chicago Community Bond Fund Executive Director Sharlyn Grace said. “The communities most impacted by gun violence need resources and investment, not more policing and jailing.”
Groot won't be able to justify this to her base and Brownie Fife is pissing all over this third-rail.

If anyone wants to amend their over/under guesses for 04 July weekend, have at it.


Gee, Who'd Have Thunk?

  • In the first week since its anti-crime units dedicated to rooting out illegal guns were disbanded, New York City suffered a 358% surge in shootings.

    Last week, there were 55 shootings in the city, up from 12 the same week a year ago, local NBC affiliate News 4 reports

    [...] Last Monday, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea disbanded the department’s undercover anti-crime units dedicated to finding people possessing illegal guns in the city.

    “This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone,” one angry law enforcement source said Friday...
For once, Chicago seems to be ahead of the New York curve, where racking up fifty-five shootings (and more) is just a typical two-day weekend.

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Interesting Experiment

We can't see Groot approving it seeing as how she thrives on the community distrusting the police, but then again, there are connected contracts to hand out to connected construction companies:
  • As Chicago looks for new ways to fight a recent spike in crime, a South Side aldermen has suggested adding a so-called "cop house," or community-oriented policing home, on a block looking for stability.

    Ald. Anthony Beale said he has secured grant funds and corporate sponsors, who would buy a home and repurpose it into a community center where Chicago police would be stationed.

    "You have to be on the ground, building relationships, building trust with the people," Beale said. "So the people have a comfort level with the police department."
Rumors that this would be a sandbagged walls, topped with barbed wire, surrounded by an alligator filled moat and machine gun towers is (so far) unfounded.

But it sounds interesting in the moment. If the City Council progressives and their allies keep "othering" the police, Chicago is doomed.


Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was three complete years without a Contract.

Cake and pizza later.

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Carnage Keeps Rolling

  • A 3-year-old child was critically wounded in a shooting Tuesday on Chicago’s South Side.

    Police said the shooting occurred near 70th Street and Damen Avenue in West Englewood. Chicago fire officials said the girl was shot in the chest.

    She was hospitalized in critical condition. As of 10 p.m. she had stabilized.
What's Waller going to say this time?

Has Groot told everyone to "take it to the alley" yet?

Brownie going to blame this on the drug trade or released felons or evil guns?

What other useless tripe will emerge from the mouths of politicos today?


Morale Down?

  • As the number of murders in Chicago soared in June, there was a huge slowdown of police activity that the police union blames on rock-bottom morale and distrust of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

    In the first 28 days in June, the number of murders was up 83% compared with numbers from the same period in 2019, Chicago Police Department statistics show. And the number of arrests was down 55%, street stops fell by 74% and traffic stops dropped by 86%.

    Police Supt. David Brown said Monday that police activity slowed because fewer people have been on the streets “because of COVID.”

    But John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said Tuesday it’s more than that. “I’m not telling them not to do police work,” Catanzara said of his members. “But I hope they just slow down and decide ‘Is this necessary?’ before they do it.”
  • There have been 404 complaints of police misconduct — everything from allegations of excessive force to verbal abuse, and improper searches and seizures.

    6 officers have been relieved of their police powers due to complaints

    5 cases have been referred to state or federal law enforcement for possible prosecution

    242 cases have been referred to police internal affairs because they involved procedural violation, like covering name tags.
And add to that, the reports that COPA is reopening numerous disciplinary cases from eight and ten years ago, and attempting to hammer officers for cases long since closed and filed away. You will recall we predicated this years ago when COPA was first constructed because they'd need a "history" to prove that they were "tough on cops." Never mind that they're actually re-writing history seeing as how these cases were closed. Now they're open again and COPA is insisting that everyone (except the police) has perfect recall of incidents dating back a decade or more.

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Brownie Nails the Problem (UPDATE)

  • On the heels of another violent weekend that left at least 66 people shot and more than a dozen killed, including two children, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown detailed what and who he believes is behind the rise in shootings.

    "Open air drug markets are the pipeline to shootings and murders in Chicago," Brown said Monday, adding that additional difficulties due to coronavirus and low bonds for violent offenders have also played a large role.

    Brown said Chicago's violence is complex, stemming from multiple issues, such as poverty and a lack of accountability for violent criminals.
We know Brownie Fife is new to town, but the "low bonds" and "lack of accountability" are platforms that Groot, Prickwrinkle and Crimesha ran for election on. In fact, it was a race to see who could release (or promise to release) more felons by either early parole or via dismissed charges every single day.

He also repeats something that (as we stated yesterday), will be of immense use to plaintiff attorneys suing the city:
  • "Our endgame is arrests. Every day we're going to be clearing the corner, but when we clear a corner, we're pleading to the court system: keep them in jail through the weekend," he said.
That pretty much admits that arrests are just a numbers game - a quota if you will. And we all know that quotas are, by Law, illegal. Not to mention keeping people in jail past the time that they should be before a judge and suitable bail entered into the record. Evans has so declared it, Crimesha has backed it, Dart insists on it. No one shall have a bail too high for them to pay for anything short of Class X felonies it seems....and even that is suspect.

UPDATE:  A reader noticed something:
  • How can say, "Open air drug markets are the pipeline to shootings and murders in Chicago" with a straight face when you just disbanded pretty much the entire unit?
Something like 95% of the unit went away. No reform, no re-org, just gone. But this is what is driving the violence?

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Underwood Win

Big news from Krislov and Associates:
  • Participants,

    WE WON A REVERSAL!!! We're in the process of moving our offices to suite 1006, and we'll forward a copy of the opinion tomorrow, but the Appellate Court reversed Judge Cohen’s holding that the Funds' obligations are limited to the statutory subsidy, and the covered group extends to everyone hired by June 30, 2003, remanding the case to actually decide the Funds’ obligation to contract or provide coverage for retirees.

    As you’ll recall, the Funds previously acknowledged their obligation, and asserted that they’d contracted the City as the insurer. And, Judge Cohen himself previously ruled that they had the obligation, and ordered them to start fulfilling that obligation.

    We’re not done, not by a long shot, but we’re back in the fight for you!

    More later.
Excellent news.


As Reported Here a Week Ago

  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx confirmed Tuesday that her office will err on the side of dismissing charges stemming from arrests at demonstrations and for citywide curfew violations during the week of protests and civil unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

    Foxx said her directive was about prioritizing higher-level felony cases over misdemeanors, a policy she has argued for frequently since she was elected in 2016.

    “The question it comes down to is, is it a good use of our time and resources?” Foxx told the Chicago Sun-Times. “No, it’s not.”
Gee, even a fine for costs might help out Prickwrinkle with her rapidly expanding budget hole.

And this is just asinine reasoning, typical of lib-tards:
  • A recent Sun-Times analysis of charges related to curfew violations found that 75% of people charged in the city were African American. Chicago police records also showed that enforcement of the curfew was almost solely enforced on the city’s West and South sides.
Really? You don't say? Could that be perhaps because African Americans were the ones out and about in violation of the curfew? We don't recall much of the north side burning and there were narrow swaths of the south side quiet enough to get a full nights sleep for some reason. But other places, the rioting, looting, burning, stealing, gun fire and beatings took place until the next mornings.

It's vaguely similar (directly proportional even) to parts of the south side and most of the west side where the are huge numbers of shootings and murders - therefore there are huge numbers of police there. Cops go where the calls for service are.

That isn't enforcement by race - that's enforcement by facts - we go where we're told to go. And THAT is decided by Groot and her pencil pushers, not the cops.

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Will The Party Go On?

So Groot cancelled the Billiken Parade, after delaying and delaying the decision, hoping for some sort of reprieve from Governor Pitzker. It wasn't to be.

So now, the question becomes, does Billiken go on anyway, kind of like the Pride Parade went on anyway, without permits, street closures or approval from City Hall, into the wee hours:
  • There was no Pride Parade in Chicago this year. Thanks, COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a party in Boystown. Police took a hands-off approach with the hours-long pop-up festival, doing little more than block streets so people didn’t get run over.
A few pictures of the party over at the CWB blog, which ended around four in the morning. Any bets if the Billiken parade units end up partying the night away at the parks without Groot approval?


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"Extra" Cops

Meaning canceling at least one of everyone's days off for yet another failure of the political set to keep criminals behind bars where they belong:
  • After another jarring weekend of gun violence in Chicago left 18 people dead — including three children — and 47 others wounded, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown announced Monday that 1,200 additional officers will hit the streets for the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

    Starting Thursday, the surge in officers will be deployed in “hotspots” for violence, according to Brown. Acknowledging “tired cops make mistakes,” he said every officer on duty over the weekend will get a day off.
Included in the press conference was this laugh line:
  • Along with extra patrols, the department also typically conducts a series of narcotics and gun raids just before holiday weekends. Department officials have said the goal of those raids is to ensure those most likely to be involved in violence — as either shooter or victim — are locked up over the holiday.
No doubt the Consent Decree monitor would be interested (along with numerous law firms and the Federal Courts) to hear that CPD locks up potential victims. But we can tell everyone reading that after the Department conducts these "raids," 99% of the arrestees don't miss the holiday. These things are just steaming piles of Civil Rights litigation.

We're going to set the over/under as follows:
  • From 0001 hours on 03 July all the way to 05 July 2359 hours:
  • 21 dead, 80 wounded - for a total of 101 casualties
We're hoping we're wrong, but we base it on the existing trend lines.


Eddie's Johnson

The video (or at least part of it) has been released - Groot must need the distraction:
  • The city of Chicago on Monday released records and body camera footage related to an October incident in which then-police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was found asleep at the wheel, which led Mayor Lori Lightfoot to angrily fire him.

    But Lightfoot’s administration is declining to release Inspector General Joe Ferguson’s report on the matter, despite having pushed the City Council to approve a law allowing certain IG reports of high public interest to be released.

    The ordinance backed by the mayor last fall would have allowed the corporation counsel to decide whether to release IG investigation reports in cases that involve a death or that are “or may be” a felony, and are “of a compelling public interest.”

    Kathleen Fieweger, the Law Department’s spokeswoman, defended withholding the report on Johnson, disputing that there’s any conduct that may have been a felony.
Trading knob-jobs for advancement is not a felony it seems. Just business-as-usual in Chicago.


Send in SWAT

It's coming:

Sooner than you think.


Captains List (UPDATES)

There's going to be some openings shortly when all the exempts start retiring under the old terms of the PBPA contract. Here's what's waiting in the wings:

A lot of political favors being paid off with these promotions.

UPDATE: Who put this together? The He-Man Women Haters Club?

Does Brownie realize who the mayor is?

UPDATE: Media notices the stunning lack of diversity:
  • The latest class of Chicago Police Department lieutenants hand-picked to go through training in order to be considered for promotion to captain is getting a close look by those dedicated to diversity.

    While two of the 15 lieutenants are African-American and one is Hispanic, 13 of the 15 are white. Additionally, all 15 are men.

    According to the CPD, there are 159 lieutenants who have applied to be captains. The current 15 who will begin training come from that list.
And McCompStat makes an appearance:
  • Brown said that he is committed to diversity in all ranks of the department and he will have the final say on who gets promoted to captain.

    Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told WGN he was shocked by the lack of diversity in the latest captains class selections. McCarthy expressed support for Brown.

    “I feel for David on a number of levels,” McCarthy said. “I’ve known him for 15 years, he’s wonderful but first, he walked into a pandemic. Second of all, going into the summer months as violence increases in Chicago, and third of all the riots that we had. He is competent. He will get it where it should be but it’s hard to do that walking in the door.”
If you believe Brown has ANY say whatsoever in this Department, you haven't been paying attention.


Anonymous Complaints

So the PBPA arbitration decision seems to go against State Law allowing anonymous complaints to be filed. There's some sort of process, but we're told by a few fans that the PBPA plans to sue once it clears the City Council.

In the meantime, is there anything preventing everyone reading to file two or three anonymous complaints against supervisors in their chain of command? Nonsense complaints to clog up the system - residency where it's obvious the supervisor goes home every night, smoking on duty for non-smokers, speeding or running red lights on their day off. Force COPA and IAD to investigate everything and overwhelm the system - Alinsky-type rules by making the City and the Department live with their stupidity.

It would be an amusing way to pass the summer.


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